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Storage Needs

Here’s How to Make The Most Of Your Storage Space

1.    Inspect the unit and make a list of supplies you might need, like newsprint, bubble wrap, tape, drop cloths, mattress covers or peanuts.

2.    Leaving a space around the perimeter will aid in ventilation.

3.    Put frequently used items near the door. Allow for walkways. Fill boxes and cartons to capacity. Use uniform size boxes for easy stacking. Make sure boxes are filled but over filled.

4.    Fragile items should be thoroughly cushioned and placed near the center of the boxes. Seal them with masking or glued paper tape.

Follow These Tips For Storing Specific Items:

Appliances:  Make sure refrigerators and freezers are completely dry. Store appliances upright with Doors Ajar some items can be stored inside appliances and carton can be stored on top.

Bicycles and Other Metal Items: Wipe all surfaces with rags dipped in machine oil to retard chances of rust.

Clothing and Fabrics: Ideally clothes, curtains and drapes should be stored on hangers; otherwise, fold them carefully with cushions of tissue paper in between.

Books and Documents: Do not place boxes directly on floor or pack fragile items alongside books. If at all possible keep important documents with you.

Dishes and Glassware: Place layers of packing material in side bottoms and tops of cartons. Wrap each glass item individually. Nest cups and bowls and stand plates and saucers up.

Furniture: Place padding on floor or wrap items. Use tops of dressers to stack lighter boxes, stack chairs. Holiday Dec. Wrap individually and in original boxes if possible, Mirrors and Screens: Store on edge not flat.

Tools: Clean and oil thoroughly and bundle long handled tools.